Sap Outline Agreement Release Strategy

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SAP Outline Agreement Release Strategy: A Guide to Smooth Procurement

In the world of procurement, SAP Outline Agreement Release Strategy is a term you must have frequently come across. It refers to the SAP system`s feature that allows you to manage the release of purchase orders based on their total value or release criteria. The SAP Outline Agreement Release Strategy serves as a powerful tool to ensure the smooth flow of procurement activities for any organization.

What are Outline Agreements?

Before we delve deeper into the release strategy, let us first understand the concept of outline agreements. In SAP, an outline agreement is a long-term procurement agreement between an organization and a supplier. The outline agreement streamlines the procurement of goods and services by creating a framework for subsequent purchase orders. It helps to establish a mutual understanding between the organization and the supplier on the delivery conditions, pricing, and payment terms.

Outline agreements are of three types- Contract, Scheduling Agreement, and Quantity Contract. Each of these agreements has different characteristics and serves a specific purpose. For instance, a Contract outlines all the terms and conditions agreed between the supplier and the organization for a specific period. A Scheduling Agreement, on the other hand, defines the delivery schedule of goods or services in a specific period, while a Quantity Contract specifies the quantity of goods or services to be procured over a specific timeframe.

What is a Release Strategy?

A release strategy is a method used to control the release of purchase orders based on predefined criteria like value, material group, or plant. In SAP, a release strategy for an outline agreement is set up to ensure that the procurement process is streamlined, and the purchasing manager is notified when a purchase order exceeds predefined thresholds.

How to Configure SAP Outline Agreement Release Strategy?

Configuring an outline agreement release strategy in SAP requires the following steps:

Step 1: Define Release Characteristics

Release characteristics refer to the criteria that determine the release of a purchase order. For instance, the total value of the purchase order or the material group. You need to identify the characteristics based on your organization`s procurement policies and objectives.

Step 2: Define Release Groups

Once you have defined the release characteristics, you need to create release groups. Release groups are used to group different release strategies.

Step 3: Define Release Codes

Release codes represent the release levels. For example, if your organization has a two-level release strategy, you need to define two release codes.

Step 4: Assign Release Characteristics to Release Groups

After defining release characteristics, groups, and codes, you need to assign release characteristics to release groups. It helps to determine which characteristics are relevant for which release group.

Step 5: Assign Release Codes to Release Groups

Next, assign release codes to release groups. It helps to determine the release codes that are relevant for a particular release group.

Step 6: Define Release Strategies

After assigning release codes to release groups, you need to define release strategies. Release strategies are responsible for releasing the purchase order based on the defined criteria.

Step 7: Assign Release Strategies to Outline Agreements

The final step is to assign the release strategy to an outline agreement. It helps to ensure that the purchase order is automatically released according to the defined criteria.

Benefits of SAP Outline Agreement Release Strategy

SAP Outline Agreement Release Strategy offers several benefits to an organization, including:

– Streamlined procurement process

– Reduction in paperwork and procurement errors

– Better control over purchasing activities

– Improved supplier relationships

– Increased efficiency and cost savings


SAP Outline Agreement Release Strategy is an essential tool for any organization involved in procurement activities. It enables you to set up a predefined method for the release of purchase orders based on specific criteria. It helps to ensure the smooth flow of procurement activities, streamlines the procurement process, and reduces procurement errors. By implementing an outline agreement release strategy in SAP, an organization can effectively manage its procurement activities and build better supplier relationships.