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A: The only difference is the type of process (online and offline), there is no difference in terms of legal value. In the online process, the parties submit the agreement in a non-binding form, and that agreement is then submitted to the Sub-Registrar for approval. In the offline process, the parties submit the agreement in concrete form in person by going to the sub-registration office. [/expand] Even if the parties decide to keep an agreement for a longer period, they can jointly decide on the condition of the rent increase and mention it in the agreement. e.B. 7% rent increase after 12 months. The registered agreement can be concluded for a period of 60 months. Therefore, in terms of cost and time, it is advantageous for the parties to opt for a longer duration. To understand this, we need to divide the cost into three parts, that is, State Stamp Duty, State Registration Fee, and Service Provider Fee. If the parties choose a longer term, only the state stamp duty will be increased. For example – Suppose that if an agreement is concluded for 11 months and the state stamp duty around Rs. 300 + the government registration fee is Rs.

1000 + The service provider fee is Rs. 1500, the total cost will be around Rs. 2800. Now the same agreement can be concluded for a period of 22 months and the total cost will be about Rs. 3100 Registration and Stamp Department, Pune Maharashtra State Government, introduced the electronic registration module for the citizen to register the holiday and license contract online from anywhere without going to the secondary registration offices. Electronic registration was introduced on 2 February 2014. Each state in India has its own unique scale for collecting stamp duty in the form of taxes, and we have provided our users with the calculator that allows them to calculate the stamp duty on holiday and the license agreement for the state of Maharashtra. For Maharashtra, however, the law has been strengthened and, in accordance with the provisions of section 55 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999, any rental or holiday agreement and licence must be in writing and must also be compulsorily registered, regardless of the duration of the tenancy.

In a recent development, the state tax authority sent a proposal to the Housing Department to consider filing leases instead of registering them via mobile devices. MOBILE QUOTE BENEFITS – The easiest way to submit your vacation and license agreement – No need for a webcam or biometric scanner (fingerprints) – Saves time and money – You don`t need to go to a registrar or other official service provider – You can easily renew your lease after the expiration of the term Years: For online registration, the Aadhaar card is mandatory as the parties when submitting the contract should verify their identity by giving fingerprints containing the data from Aadhaar`s map database. In addition to the Aadhaar card, the licensor`s PAN card is mandatory. Other documents may be required if the parties are PVT Ltd, Trust, HUF, etc. For example, if you sign a holiday and license agreement for 24 months with a monthly rent of Rs 25,000 and a refundable deposit of Rs five lakhs, you will have to pay a stamp duty of Rs 1,750 (0.25% on the rent of Rs six lakhs for two years and interest of Rs one lakh for two years). Form No. 27 [Under Law No. 43(2)(I)] Application form for authorization to sublet, leave and license or care for the apartment or part or part of it. Form No.

11 [In accordance with Articles No. 20 and 43 (2)(ii)] The application form for nominal membership by the subtenant, licensee or custodian or resident Forms to be submitted to the Company in accordance with the Articles. Forms Section 52 of the Indian Easements Act, 1882 defines vacation and licence agreements. This article states: « If a person grants to another person or a number of other persons the right to do or continue to do something in or on the grantor`s immovable property that would be unlawful without such a right, and that right does not constitute an easement or interest in the property, the right is called a license. In Maharashtra, holiday and licensing agreements must be stamped with a fixed stamp duty rate of 0.25% of the total rent for the period. In the event that a non-refundable deposit is also paid to the owner, a stamp duty of the same amount will also be levied on these non-refundable deposits. The formula for calculating stamp duty on the rental agreement is 0.25% x D, where D (monthly rent x number of months) + (Anticipated rent for the period / non-refundable deposit) + (10% x Refundable deposit x Number of years of the contract). 1. There is no concept like a first and second owner, it can be said that both are co-owners, 2. In your case, for a legally valid agreement, both owners must sign the agreement, 3. The Company may object in your case, 4.

NoC is not enough, 5. A power of attorney is mandatory if you want to perform the contract on behalf of your father. According to section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, which applies throughout India, any contract for the lease of immovable property must be registered from one year to the next or for a period of more than one year. Unless otherwise provided by state laws, each vacation and license agreement must be registered for a period of 12 months or more. Every year, four to five lakh leases are registered in the state. But as a rule, citizens tend to avoid the tedious registration process and save money. For this reason, the state government has to bear revenue losses. To avoid this, the finance department submitted the mobile bid of a contract proposal. *Visit the e-filing website (efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg/). It is the landlord`s responsibility to ensure the registration of the lease, otherwise the landlord could have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 and face a prison sentence of up to three months.

In the event that the holiday and license agreement is not registered and there are disputes between the owner and the tenant, the terms of the contract claimed by the tenant will be considered the true and correct conditions according to which the property has been delivered for rent, unless proven otherwise. 10% x Refundable deposit x Number of years of agreement = C There is a slight difference in the type of terms used for a vacation and license agreement compared to a rental agreement. As mentioned above, a licensor can be vaguely translated into an owner and a licensee into a tenant. The reason for the use of the term « license » is therefore obvious, since the owner of the property issues a « residence license » for a predetermined period of time. Omprakash Deshmukh, Inspector General of Registration, talks about development: « To register the holiday and license agreement, citizens must go to the sub-registrar`s office or go to another authorized service provider. In order to save citizens time and money in this process, we have taken the new initiative. Stamp duty can be paid on the Maharashtra Government`s electronic registration portal. In addition, you choose to create your holiday and license contract through us as we pay stamp duty and make sure your agreement is registered.. .