Ibf Agreement 2019

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The International Boxing Federation, commonly known as the IBF, is one of the most respected and reputable boxing organizations in the world. Recently, the IBF announced a new agreement that will impact the sport of boxing in 2019 and beyond.

The IBF agreement for 2019 focuses on several key areas of boxing. One of the most significant changes is in the fighter ratings system. The IBF has amended its policies concerning fighter ratings to ensure that only deserving fighters are given championship opportunities.

Under the new agreement, a fighter must be ranked in the top 5 in their weight class to qualify for a championship bout. This change is a significant step forward in terms of legitimacy and fairness in the sport of boxing. It means that only fighters who have proven themselves in the ring will be given a chance at the title.

The agreement also includes new guidelines for the judging of fights. With more scrutiny than ever on boxing judging, the IBF has implemented a new scoring system in an effort to reduce the number of controversial decisions that have plagued the sport in recent years. The new system will be used in all IBF championship fights, and it is designed to provide more clarity and consistency in the scoring of rounds.

Another important aspect of the IBF agreement for 2019 concerns drug testing. The organization has made it clear that it will not tolerate the use of performance-enhancing drugs by its fighters. As such, the IBF has implemented a rigorous drug testing program, which will include random testing throughout the year.

Overall, the IBF agreement for 2019 is a significant step forward for the sport of boxing. The new rules and policies will help to ensure that only the best fighters are given championship opportunities, that fights are scored more accurately, and that drug use is minimized. These changes will undoubtedly help to improve the public perception of boxing and make the sport more appealing to fans around the world.