Can a Gym Extend Your Contract Due to Covid

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Hi Nikki, thank you for asking a question here! We have a form that you can use to cancel your gym contract due to a significant change. Here is the link (see under « My situation has changed. Can I cancel? »). Their contract states that you will have to fill out their cancellation form, so it looks like you`ll have to go to your gym to do so. The contract also states that the $75 cancellation fee applies to cancellations and that this is clearly written, so you may still have to pay. Depending on your medical note, the law says you need a note from a doctor or nurse, so your chiropractor`s note may not be enough (in which case, you`ll get an additional note from your primary care doctor or walk-in clinician). I hope this information helps you, Nikki. Posted in Health, Shopping & Contracts on 2011-02-16 by Michelle :: Tags: Regulated by us, Continuous Service Contracts :: Comments (109) Hello Rebecca, thank you for your message. It looks like you`re on the right track.

I also suggest you contact your credit card provider to see if the fees can be waived from May 1st. We wrote a blog post on how to request a chargeback if you`re interested. We also heard someone on our Facebook page say that all automatic payments to VI Fitness have been interrupted, but you may want to confirm this directly with Kevin (the insolvency administrator`s contact). I hope this helps you and good luck! What about a contract without a fixed term, but with a termination agreement three months in advance to terminate the contract? Is it binding? What happens if the service is misrepresented? I had to sign a contract before trying the service, and it turned out that the service was extremely poorly represented. Hello Aly — Thank you for your question. Yes, you can be on the hook for another month if this is stated in the terms of your contract. I hope this will help Melaina I read that if the gym has never given you a copy of the contract that you are entitled to terminate, is that true? If so, how do you do that? If you die or become completely and permanently disabled after the effective date of this Membership Agreement, you or your estate may terminate this Agreement and receive a partial refund of your unused membership fees by sending a notice to « ClubName » indicating your wish to terminate this Agreement. The club may require proof of disability or death. Thank you for your question, Nick.

Please complete one of our complaint forms (including all your evidence and supporting documents) and we will take a look at it. Here`s a link to the form: Be sure to cancel your gym membership before the next billing cycle starts. « That way, you won`t be charged an extra month to the gym you don`t want to use, » says Marty Kelly, founder and publisher of outdoor activity blog Active Outdoor. While you may still have to pay a cancellation fee, quitting smoking before the next billing cycle can save you from having to pay extra for the extra month. Check your billing date by checking your credit or debit card statement to see when you`re usually charged, or log into your member account on your gym`s website or app to view your account details. You have entered into a contract that binds you to the dealer. Unless you reach an agreement with the merchant, the merchant may choose to go to court to receive payment for the services provided. Hello – I have a question about an auto-renewal clause in a now-expired gym membership. I paid the entire duration of the contract and was not aware of the obligation to terminate in writing for 30 days.

The day after my 1-year contract expired, I was charged the regular monthly fee plus and unknown additional fees. I emailed the gym owner that day asking why my visa was charged again and exempted from the 30-day written notice of termination. My question is: Since the original contract contained a clause that allowed me to cancel within 10 days of signing, does the same clause apply to an extension that I want to cancel? If the initial contract has a set end date, will the renewal be automatically renewed from month to month? Although we are at the end of the 12-month period, David Lloyd refused to cancel our membership, saying we are still in our first 12 months of payments. This means we have to pay £420 to cancel the contract. We would be happy to take a look at your contract or simply answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-888-564-9963 or The merchant might also offer to sign a new contract that includes free services. These services must match the value of services that have already been paid for, but have not been provided due to a closure or that you have not been able to obtain due to limited access to the centre. Hi Mitchell, please contact us here. If you haven`t cancelled your membership yet, this may be the first step you want to take. You can fill out our form on our website (the one under the gym changed the services offered) and send it to your gym.

Ask for a refund and give them 10-15 business days. If you don`t hear from them, can you fill out our official online complaint form? You can find it here. Thank you, Mitchell and good luck! Not all gym contracts are created equal and he can know a lot about these types of contracts. Get more information by reading some of our blog posts about gym memberships listed below. Hi Sheila, thank you for your questions. You can contact your consumer protection agency or similar organization in Manitoba for information about the laws that apply to your situation. While I can tell you what the laws are here in British Columbia, I cannot argue what similar legislation might exist in your province. I dug a little deeper and found this organization:

I don`t know if they oversee contracts at the gym, but you might want to call them and see if they can point you in the right direction. I hope this helps you and good luck! I have a one-year gym membership contract that states that you can also consider freezing your account instead of cancelling it altogether. « Try talking to gym management and see if membership can be transferred to another family member or temporarily frozen, » says David Reischer, a Licensed Attorney in New York and CEO of There is usually a freeze fee, but it is usually lower than the membership fee and this gives you some time to explore other training options and see if you really like it better. For example, LA Fitness members allow monthly dues to freeze their account indefinitely for $10 per month. Freezing is a good option if you`re on the fence about cancellation, or if you want to try other types of exercise or even a different gym. Hi Jim, thank you for posting your question. Did the business owner give you an explanation of the additional fees? Such a clause could stipulate, among other things, that you must fulfill your obligation (i.e. pay for your membership), even if the Centre must close due to a « force majeure event » (force majeure or accidental event). You can then consider the option of terminating your contract to reduce the loss incurred.

This incentive is publicly announced on their website, and I was reminded of this before signing my contract. David Lloyd has extended our contract even though we are at the end of the 12-month period Do you have a gym membership? Do you know when your contract ends? If the answer to the last question is no, you are not alone! We often get calls from people who have just found out that they are paying a monthly fee for a gym membership that they thought had been terminated months ago. I am a member with a good reputation in a fitness center. The original contract, signed on 31 July 1998, was subsequently amended by a second contract signed on 23 December 2009. Both contacts were the standard duration of 24 months, which was then transferred month after month. The second contract was a membership addendum that complemented the initial contact. The addendum allowed for a « 2 Clubs upgrade » whose terms were « $25 for launch, the current fee rate that can be recharged up to a maximum of $39/month for the first 24 months, and then $39/month thereafter. » The fitness center now wants to arbitrarily invalidate the « Membership Addendum » by prohibiting the use of the « Upgrade Center » unless I pay a higher monthly fee. My position is that I want to continue using the « upgrade feature » without any changes to the membership supplement. I have copies of all the contracts. Does this matter fall under British Columbia`s Consumer Protection Act? Thank you very much.

If you pay for your membership through pre-authorized debits, it is in your best interest to stop payments during the closure period ordered by the Government of Quebec. To do this, you must inform the trader and your financial institution, preferably in writing. .